lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

BeSimply...An Olive, A Symbol of Peace.

Committed to Transparency...within the Living Food Industry

‘She’ has known Kipp for several years and has always applauded his  willingness to go the extra mile to show full transparency with all of Essential Living Foods Products. 

His passion for telling the truth and commitment to quality makes it effortless for ‘she’ to recommend any of their products...Today ‘she’ was reflecting on the energy in Peru and Egypt and the medicinal energy  of the olive. 

Their olives make a delicious snack and provide ‘US’ with the opportunity to connect with ‘Peace’ and Healing from within. The Egyptians considered the branches a symbol of power. The olive is a universal symbol of peace. With many traditions weaved into cultures through out the Mediterranean, Africa and South America and plenty of olives. Affording all of us with the opportunity to take a few minutes out of the day and enjoy a few olives.

Find your inner peace. Close your eyes and take a small bite and connect with the flavors and the texture. Slowly in your minds eye, connect with the olive tree that it was birthed from and take a deep breathe into your heart. In that brief moment, imagine yourself in a Peruvian Olive Orchard running your fingers through the trees leaves and walking bare foot across the earth connecting to your inner peace. Let the mind wander further as you ‘InJoy’ a few more...

Side note: Some modern uses for olive leaf extract include treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, coughs, psoriasis, malaria, prostate difficulties, and parasites. It also treats things such as athlete's foot, botulism, encephalitis, lice, hepatitis, pneumonia, bladder infections, warts, and a long list of other afflictions, all related to the cause of bacteria, viruses, etc.
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